Nicky Cregor:

“Julia was a guide for our group for a few days during our trip in China and she is a vibrant and enthusiastic representative of China, leading our group to interesting places and teaching us to appreciate what we saw through her eyes as a local. She is a clever and thoughtful person that has an exceptional personal story as well as a deep connection to the history of the places we visited with her. I highly recommend using Julia to learn more about this incredible country.”

Moria & Ran:

“We did a week-long trip in Guilin, China in September 2016, guided by Julia. We enjoyed our trip of the region - the unique breathtaking landscapes, the beautiful rice fields, and the encounters with a variety of people and cultures. Julia is an excellent guide: she knows all recreation sites and the most beautiful vantage points. She has extensive knowledge of the place and culture, and is able to get in touch with any person - tourist or local. Julia's guidance is performed with the right balance between adherence to tour schedule and flexibility to specific requirements and to opportunities on the way. We also enjoyed the balance between guidance time and the time we had for ourselves. We definitely recommend this tour and Julia as its guide."


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Grace Shia:

“It is unusual for me to travel with my mother, and I was worried about many details prior to this trip to Guilin. However, many thanks to our lovely tour guide Julia. She is such a dear person who not only arranged everything for us thoroughly, but was also very flexible on the trip plan. I had a wonderful time with my mother, and we appreciate all the efforts made by Julia to maximize our comfort and joy during this trip. Kisses and hugs to you Julia. Thank you :)"