A Stunning View from the Top of the Longji Rice Terrace

A stunning view from the top of the Longji Rice Terrace and two of our UK clients who loved their tour! They enjoyed very much!

British couple who loves photography, they are waiting for the sunset on the "nine dragon and five tigers" mountain.

A group of 37 guests from Israel were hiking from Guzhuang village to PingAn village.

Local farmer is working in the farm.

"Terrace field of Longji in winter!Not that green and yellow, a little bit empty, not so many tourists but we enjoy the quietness. We also catch several local villagers working in the terrace to prepare for the next year! They have simple but not easy life. But I can feel they still very happy with this life style."

Encounter a beautiful butterfly on a casual walk on flagging.

#LongjiRiceTerrace #guilin #tourguide

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