Country Road, Take Me Home!

With the long, Chinese New Year now behind us, I took some time off this week to bring my family to a wonderful, unique hotel. We stayed at the Zen Garden Resort, locatd in the Yangshuo Shili Gallery area. Surrounded by huge mountains and the famous Yulong River, the hotel is a great place to kick back and relax. After arriving at Zen Garden, my family and I took a peaceful walk around the river to enjoy the view. Later, we made a campfire in the front yard of the hotel, and the whole family got involved!

My 83-year-old father and 14-year-old daughter were dancing around the fire together—what an amazing feeling to see the whole family together. After dinner, we went up to the roof of the hotel to hold a tea ceremony and stone drawing. The next morning, we took a bike ride and tried to grind some beans. My daughter was singing the famous John Denver song the whole time, and it felt so appropriate. Country roads really took us home!

#guilin #tourguide

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