Feel Guilin, Experience Guilin

I just sent off a group of tourists from Israel. They came along from Beijing, Shanghai and Xian. From 12 year old to 70 year old, they all says Guilin is their favourite place among all the cities they have visited in China.

They told me many people know Beijing Shanghai Hongkong Xian, but very few of them know Guilin. And not many tourists agencies put Guilin in their itinerary. They asked me why they left behind this amazing city. I am sad to hear that, but I can partly understand why they do that. Not like other big cities, in Guilin you need to take off the van, slow down and take your time not only to see the view, but also feel the beauty of Guilin and experience it. Imagine that, you walk along the river bank of Li River, or walk across the green country field, hearing the birds singing and smell the scents of wild flowers. There are two kids riding a buffalo and say hi to you. This will be a wonderful memory, won't it? Other tourists agencies they are unfamiliar with this kind of special routes of getting close to the local culture and experience the life of Guilin. Also they won't arrange this kind of schedule, because it will take up lots of time and energy of tour guide. And they want to save time of tourists for shopping.

However, as a local tour guide for over 20 years. I would like to show all the best of Guilin to you, my friends. And I know it is your first time to come to Guilin, but it might be you last time to come to Guilin. I hope from your mouth, more and more people know there is an amazing place in China, that is Guilin.

This is the picture I took of my group. They went down into the rice field and learn how to clean and harvest rice from local farmers. They are happy and surprised about this part of the trip. These two lovely farmers share their daily life story to us.

If you would like know more travel routes in Guilin, or you would like to travel with me. Please contact me through Email or from my website.

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