After graduating from university with a major in English language and literature, Julia started her career as a tour guide entirely by accident. Her goal is to ensure that travellers to China never regret a thing, and so she tries her best to meet their needs and show them the beauty of their destinations.


Julia has worked as a full-time guide for 27 years. She has created unique, wonderful memories for thousands of travelers, serving them a warm heart and enthusiasm. She tries to bring the real beauty of China, especially the stunning charm of Guilin, to the rest of the world.


All of Julia's guests feel her passion for travel. She often spends her spare time looking for better routes and attractions, in the hope of presenting the local charm in an even better way. In 2001, she launched Julia Tours in order to share her love of China and travel with more people by planning group itineraries. Now, she's able to live her dream to bring the wonder of travel to everyone.

My Own Words

We work hard to design itineraries, train our guides and build our team. We keep improving existing routes and exploring new ones, and we never stop building our excellent guide team. Since I launched my business, we have received absolutely zero complaints. All of our visitors come to us in high spirits from all over the world and return greatly satisfied!